BMI Self-assembled in Nature

We are always inspired from Nature to create new functional materials for a variety of applications ranging from most challenging clinical issues to sever environmental problems. Therefore, it is important for BMI members to return to the Nature and feel the beauty of wildness and country view. 2020 Oct 31st, BMI members had this retreat opportunity to get close to not only the Nature but each others. We walked out of the lab and went to a country resort at the beautiful Long Quan mountain. The organizers provided spicy Sichuan meals during which every one shared their words in mind never told in the lab. A group of hiking fans reached the peak of mountain park, played games, and shared stories. The beautiful sound of spring was accompanied as background of this laughing and smiles. The purpose of the BMI retreat is to give all the members an opportunity to have a comfortable rest as well as get to know each other better. Without the tense atmosphere as usual, we can better organize our mood to welcome the arrival of November/even next year and some unexpected surprises of our experiments/projects. Love Nature, Love Nature sisters, and more loves to friendship at BMI.

Center of Biomass Materials and Nanointerfaces

BMI Center | Guo Research Group

A highly interdisciplinary research platform based at Sichuan University, China, for creating advanced functional materials and studying fundamental science involved in bio-nano interfaces and mechanisms.

Principal Investigator - Professor Junling Guo

Ph.D.; The University of Melbourne, Australia

Wyss Fellow; Harvard University, United States

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