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BMI Center hosts and has on-site access to a wide range of world-class facilities for the synthesis and characterization of advanced functional materials through the re-design and engineering of biomass resources, such as natural polyphenols, collagen, microorganisms. The world-class facilities enable us to conduct the most cutting-edge research and technology development. Our interests in using these facilities include the microstructure of created materials, interfacial behaviors, bio-nano interactions, and beyond. We also provide supervision and management of PC2 labs for mammalian and bacterial cell culture, synthetic biology-related work and beyond.

Breakthrough discoveries from the world-class lab  

State-of-the-art instruments for fundamental science

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Center of Biomass Materials and Nanointerfaces

BMI Center | Guo Research Group

A highly interdisciplinary research platform based at Sichuan University, China, for creating advanced functional materials and studying fundamental science involved in bio-nano interfaces and mechanisms.

Principal Investigator - Professor Junling Guo

Ph.D.; The University of Melbourne, Australia

Wyss Fellow; Harvard University, United States

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5th Floor, Leather Science Building

Sichuan University Wangjiang Campus

Chengdu 610065

Sichuan, China


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